7 Reasons You Should Be Using Our Stands With Print

7 Reasons You Should Be Using Our Stands With Print

Banner stands are an amazing tool that companies, who are looking to stand out at trade shows, can use. They can even make a big impact right inside your store or simply placed out by your front door. Just by placing a simple sign outside your front door, you can potentially advertise to thousands of people that you are having a huge sale. Just think about all the money that you just saved, because you did not have to pay for an expensive television commercial. Below you will learn more information about why you should use our stands with print.

#1 We Print On Block Out Vinyl

Our heavy duty banners give a long lasting impact that is a very effective way to get your message across. The vinyl has a smooth finish, so the graphic design and print will be very eye appealing and very visible from a long distance away. Basically, this means that you are going to get a dual-sided banner, so consumers can view your name brand or logo from any direction. When you buy a print on block out vinyl, you can rest assured that you are getting a high- quality product that will endure the test of time.

#2 Our Stands Are Reusable

Our stands will be compatible with any banner of the same size. For instance, if during the month of December you are having a big Christmas sale you can have a banner made especially for that month. However, if you are having a big summer discount sale during the month of August, then you can have a banner made for that month. Both the Christmas and summer banner will be compatible with the stand. There will not be any need to purchase an additional stand, so you can save plenty of money, by taking advantage of our graphic banners.

#2 Comes With a Free Travel Bag

At the end of a long trade show the last thing you want to do is spend hours taking down your banners and hauling them to your vehicle. Every banner that you buy from us comes with a free travel bag, which will protect the stand from damage.

#4 Includes an Adjustable Telescopic Pole

You simply cannot go wrong with adjustable telescopic poles. These are truly a unique way to display your banners. You can adjust you banner anywhere from 34” to 78”. So if you are short on room simply collapse you banner down and you will have all the room you need. If you have extra space, then expand your banner to the fullest, so that all your potential customers can see what you have to offer. These stands are compatible with all sizes of retractable banners including the 33”, 47”, and 57”.

Retractable Roll Up Banner Stand 33" with Vinyl Print

#5 We Print Only Custom Banners

We have been printing custom banners for a long time. In fact we pride ourselves on custom banners, since it is the only style that we print. Choose any style of design you want and we can whip it up for you, in no time at all.

#6 Lightweight and Portable Construction

All of our banner stands are very lightweight and portable making them ideal for tradeshows, conventions, or conferences. They are constructed out of aluminum material, which is lightweight and extremely durable.

#7 Variety of Bases

We offer a variety of bases that will ensure you that your banners will be secure in all types of weather conditions. The outdoor display may need extra weight to hold them down on windy days, so be sure to toss a bag of sand on the base to prevent it from blowing away.

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