A Must Have Tradeshow Kit To Show Off Your Company Brand

A Must Have Tradeshow Kit To Show Off Your Company Brand

As a business owner you probably already know just how important marketing can be. Marketing not only can get your brand out there, but it can also let your potential customers know a little bit about you. You can give them just enough of a taste to get them interested in what you are offering.

With that being said, there is no better way to get your company’s name out there than by visiting local tradeshows. However, when you visit these tradeshows you need something that is going to make you stand out amongst the competition. This is where The Basic Trade Show Kit can come in handy. Below you will learn more information about The Basic Trade Show Kit.

Literature Rack

With this kit you will receive a literature rack, which is a great way to attract customers. Put the rack out front of your booth and people who pass by can grab a copy of your literature. Even if they only spend a few seconds at the booth at least they will have some kind of literature to look back on for questions. You simply cannot go wrong with this. Make sure your literature includes your products, the services you offer, and be sure to tell a little bit about your company.

The literature rack has a pop up design, so when you are done you can simply remove your literature, close the rack down, and it will be ready in minutes for easy clean up and transport.

Pop-Up Literature Rack

8FT Fabric Pop Up

The 89” x 89” pop up display is made of stretch fabric and it will be the eye-catching object of your booth. This is what customer are going to notice first as they walk by your set up. You can choose your own design or have the manufactures create a design for you. Either way, you want to make sure you choose something that stands out amongst the crowd.

The pop up stand comes with a handy little trolley bags with wheels. This makes transportation a piece of cake. There will not be any need to tote a big heavy sign through the crowded exhibit. Simply roll in your stylish setup and makes the rest of the vendors jealous.

8 ft Fabric Pop Up Display with Fabric Print

6ft 3 Sided Table Throw

Also included in the kit will be a 6ft 3-sided table throw. This object can also be designed to your own desire. You can place your products on top of this table throw to make them stand out even more. You probably want to include your company’s logo on this table throw. This will let your potential customers know just who you are.

6Ft 3-Sided Table Throw

33” Retractable Stand

The retractable stand is almost a smaller version of the 8FT Fabric Pop Up. The only difference is its not fabric and it is much smaller. However, that does not mean that it will not make quite the impact. You can create any design you want to be displayed on this wonderfully unique stand.

Retractable Roll Up Banner Stand 33" with Vinyl Print


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