How To Capitalize With Trade Show Displays

Tradeshow booth activity at Johnstone Supply convention

Are you interested in attracting new customers and investors to your business? Although there are various ways to achieve this goal, you will certainly want to consider attending trade shows! These events are a hotbed for investors, consumers and other businesses. Therefore, attending and pulling off a successful performance could very well propel your business to new heights. With this in mind, you will definitely want to consider using an attractive trade show display, at your next convention. Below, you will learn how to capitalize with trade show displays.


Use Flashy Colors

It is vital to remember that trade shows can be somewhat hectic. Consumers will be running about and rushing from stand to stand. With this in mind, you will only have a short time span to capture the attention of these individuals. Therefore, you will want to make sure to use flashy colors. Using a solid white and black logo isn’t going to help. Instead, you will want to throw in oranges and blues! Always try to capitalize on the interactions of complimentary colors too. This will help to guarantee that more people take note of your banner and familiarize themselves with your company and its brand!photo(3)-resized-600

Use Logos and Catchphrases

Again, you only have a few minutes to implant your company’s image into the mind of the consumer. There is no better way to do this than by using your company’s logo. If you have a short catchphrase, you should also consider adding it to the trade show display. If your logo is attractive enough, the exhibitors will be urged to stop and learn more about your company. At the same time, this will increase the likelihood that these individuals will remember your business long after they’ve left.

Perfectly Placing Your Banner

Although the banner’s design is important, it will all be for naught, if it isn’t perfectly placed. It is vital to get your banner out there where exhibitors will not be able to ignore it. Thankfully, trade show displays are fairly large and difficult to ignore. Pushing it further into the background of your booth will help to ensure that more people see it. They will be able to see it from a greater distance away, which will encourage them to approach your business.

Eye Level Attraction 

Whatever type of display you plan on using, it is important to note that most individuals will take immediate notice of presentations that are within their eye level. Now this does not mean that you need to prop the display up, so it is off of the ground, but it does mean that the proper positioning is extremely important. If you are determined to gauge exhibitors attention, you should develop a display stand that is large enough to hold a high-graphic logo that will meet everyone eye level.portable-trade-show-display-AdventSoftware2


At the end of the day, a trade show display can be exceptionally helpful, if it setup and placed properly. Make sure that your banner is attractive and eye catching. Once you have done this, it is all about proper placement. A little trial and error, before the show opens to the public, is highly recommended and will help to ensure that everything is optimized for success.