How To Prepare For A Trade Show Without Breaking The Bank

Business owners should take every opportunity available to advertise their business. One of the best ways to attract customers, establish your brand and potentially find new hires is by attending trade shows. These events bring together likeminded individuals and give you the chance to converse. With a little lip service, you could potential secure new investments, hire new workers and establish a bigger customer base. Of course, preparing for a trade show can be stressful. Below, you will learn how to do so, without breaking the bank!tradeshow


Before jumping into all of the figures, you should take the time to research. This is even more pertinent, if you’ve never attended a trade show before. You need to figure out exactly what you’ll need to pay for and how much it’ll cost. Below, you will find a breakdown of things to figure out.research

  • How much will it cost to travel?
  • Will you bring any staff with you? If so, how much will their travel expenses total?
  • Will you be required to ship supplies to the convention center?
  • Are you purchasing signs and banners?

Remember that the costs can add up very quickly. If you’re required to travel to attend, the costs will go even higher. Although the benefits outweigh the cons, you should still be well aware of these costs, before moving forward.

Devising a BudgetStacks of coins with the word BUDGET isolated on white background

When planning a tradeshow, you will need to take the time to devise a budget. In order to receive all the benefits of the exhibit, you will need to include the most vital expenses including displays. Do not skimp on the necessities, because you definitely want to draw potential clients and impress them, as well. If you fail to include items that will spread your brand awareness, you will not be doing yourself any justice. Be effective in devising a budget that will benefit your business and suit your wallet.

Signing Up Early362eb9225069eae2bb03e5f648beda90

Many exhibit producers or managers will be more than willing to give exhibitioners an early bird discount, just for signing up early. If you already have intentions and your mind set on attending this event, you should contact the manager to request an early bird special. Most managers will just be glad that their upcoming tradeshow booths are filling up. You will save a significant amount of money, by signing up early and if you are set on going, then you should take advantage of this wonderful offer.

Finding Lodginglodging

If you’re attending a trade show, which is out of your local vicinity, you will likely be required to pay for travel and lodging. This will definitely increase the expenses just a bit. Hotels can be very expensive and you will want to do your best to secure an affordable room. This is even more important, if you’re going to bring staff members with you. Remember that lodging with another individual isn’t out of question and will lower the price significantly. If it is possible to travel back the same day, you should consider it, in order to cut back even more.

When shopping for a motel room, you should remember to take full advantage of the Internet. Also, be sure to use your AAA membership! This will give you a hefty discount.

Travel Together

If you’re bringing staff along, you should make sure to travel together. If you know another business proprietor, who is heading in the same direction, you should contemplate sharing a ride. This small adjustment will help you save money and will also limit the wear and tear placed on your vehicle!

Launching Your New ProductsForbes1

These tradeshows are designed to help new and veteran business owners launch their new products, concepts, and services. In order to achieve your goal of building this new product, you will need to start strategizing. You should begin doing this several months prior to the actual event date, so you will be ready to draw in a crowd and keep their focus on your product.

Reaching out to Your Customer Base hands-reaching

If you already have a business established, you should reach out to your customer base. Hopefully you have been collecting e-mail and residential addresses, phone numbers, and social media profiles, because you can always utilize to reach your customers. For instant, you should send out an e-mail to each customer to make them aware of the upcoming tradeshow, then request a response of whether or they plan on attending. Hopefully your customers will attend, so you will have a potentially client base for your new product or service.

Booth SpaceCTI_TS

While many exhibitors will only require a small booth space, you may need to do a little measuring and calculating, before you pay the exhibit fees. It is important to be organized throughout the planning process, because if you fail to organize, you may also have a failing venture. This would be devastating for your brand, so do whatever is necessary to ensure your success. Make sure that you invest in a booth space that suits your needs and preferences. This is one expense that you should not skimp on, because it could hurt you later on down the road.

Know Your Neighbors

While it may be difficult to find out who your potential exhibit neighbor will be, you should definitely do a little probing to find out. Take the time to speak with the exhibit manager to see if they are willing to divulge this information. If you fail to follow through with this step, you could potentially end up next to a booth with an extravagant presentation, which means your booth will not receive any attention from the exhibitors. You can always visit the exhibit’s website to see if they have a forum setup. There you may be able to communicate with others that are planning on attending the event. get-to-know-your-neighbors


When it comes down to it, attending a trade show could be costly, but you shouldn’t rule it out! Advertising your business at a trade show could be exceptionally beneficial and these benefits are well worth any of the expenses you are required to pay. Still, it is nice to be able to save money and you have found several ways to do that above.