Looking To Stand Out At Your Next Trade Show?

Looking To Stand Out At Your Next Trade Show? Our Pop-Up Displays and Wave Tube Displays Can Deliver A Strong Look!

Whether or not consumers know it, many businesses are made or broke, by a tradeshow performance. Tradeshows give businesses the opportunity to show off their goods and services. They’re not just trying to attract new customers. They’re also attempting to impress business partners and potential new investors. Suffice to say, a tradeshow is of paramount importance for businesses that truly wish to succeed. One way to enhance your chances for success is by utilizing pop-up displays. If you’re looking for an innovative and truly special display, you’ll want to check out our wave tube displays. Both of these items will be explored in greater depth below.

Our Pop-Up Displays

When planning for an upcoming tradeshow, your business will likely be allotted a specific amount of space, within the complex. It is imperative to use the allotted space fully, but you shouldn’t consume more than is given. This is why you should invest in one of our pop-up displays. Our highly innovative and incredibly sturdy displays are available in two sizes, 8 and 10 foot. This helps to ensure that you’ll be able to choose the size, which best suits your company and the complex used for the tradeshow.

When investing in one of our 8ft displays, you will receive a fabric banner, which stands 89” tall. The display will help to elevate your tradeshow presentation to unparalleled levels. With the included Velcro and magnetic connectors, the consumer will easily be able to securely attach the banner to the stand. Once it has been securely attached, the banner will not break free, until you’re ready to break it down and take it home.

Despite the sturdiness of the frame, the combination weighs less than 25 pounds! With the included frame, print and bag, you will only be required to carry around 22.3 pounds of weight. The setup process takes less than 10 minutes and can easily be achieved by a single individual.

10 ft Fabric Pop Up Display with Fabric Print

Our Wave Tube Displays

Now, if you’re looking for something with a little pizzazz, you should check out our highly innovative wave tube displays. With our wave tube displays, you can choose between single sided or double-sided displays. Both are exceptionally attractive and both will be able to attract an extensive amount of attention to your company and its tradeshow presentation.

Take note that our wave tube displays are available in an assortment of different sizes, including 6, 8 and 10 foot. If you wish to enhance the beauty of the banner even further, you will want to consider investing in one of our LED lights. The light can be used to illuminate the banner, which will undoubtedly attract even more attention. Remember that our design team is capable of designing a logo for your banner, if you do not have one in place.

10 ft Wave Tube Display with Fabric Print


There is no better way to stand out at your next trade show than by capitalizing on our tradeshow displays. Be sure to check out our pop-up and tube wave displays, as both can bring your business an impressive amount of attention.