Promote Your Business With Our Advertising Flags

Promote Your Business With Our Advertising Flags

As a business owner, you have probably thought about a variety of different advertising options. There are tons of different options that you have available to you. Advertising will play a very important part in your success. You need to make sure that you get your products and services out on the market, so that the consumers know what you are offering. If you have never considered advertising with flags, then you should. Below you will learn about what our advertising flags can offer you.

Types of Flags

We offer both Feather and Tear Drop Flags, two different styles, but both give a great look. We also offer different sizes and various bases. However, it is important to understand the differences, before you make a decision on the style you want.

Teardrop flags are very popular for the outdoors. This is probably because they are designed to pivot in the wind. However, this does not mean that they cannot be used indoors. This style of flag can most certainly be used indoors, but they do create a much more dramatic effect, when used outdoors. Our teardrop banner designs will ensure that your image is always visible from any direction. These flags will require the appropriate base for various weather conditions.

Our feather flags are perfect for retail outlets or special events. You can use multiple banners to create a unique entranceway leading into your store or exhibit. Feather banners are designed for outdoor use because when there is a gust of wind, it will add an eye-catching movement to the flag. This is something that will draw the attention of potential customers. These flags can be used in all-weather conditions, even rain or snow, but they will have to be mounted down with a stake or weighted down with a sand bag.

16Ft Feather Flag KitMedium Tear Drop Flag Kit

Easy To Install

A lot of different advertising flags can be complicated to install. Some can even require the assistance of a professional. However, our flags are very easy to install and even the least inexperienced person can install these flags, without difficulty. All you need to do is make sure you have the correct base or mount stake.

Very Portable

Both the teardrop and feather flags are very lightweight. However, the teardrop is much more portable. It can be easily transported from place to place and if you are having a big sale, you can simply relocate it to department, where they sale is going to be. You can even take the teardrop flag along with you to trade shows. This is the best way to advertise and market your brand and logo.


One of the best things about our flags is that you get to actually choose what you want. If you want your company’s logo located in the center of your flag, then that is exactly what you will get. You can even choose your own colors and there are an unlimited amount of options that you have to choose from. It will be up to you to pick your own creative design.

Economically Affordable

At the end of the day, you simply cannot find a more economical way to advertise than with our flags. Our flags are affordable and effective for every type of business. From big corporations to corner stores, you simply cannot go wrong with our flags.

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