What You Need To Look At When Purchasing A Tradeshow Kit

What You Need To Look At When Purchasing A Tradeshow Kit

As a business owner or manager, you should wholeheartedly understand the importance of visibility. If consumers are unable to see your business, they’ll be much less likely to purchase your goods or services. At a tradeshow or convention, your booth should be easily visible. It is imperative that those nearby and afar are able to see your advertisements, as this will make them more likely to interact with your representatives and familiarize themselves with your products. This is why purchasing a banner stand is pertinent. Below, you will find out exactly what to look for, when attempting to purchase a stand for your upcoming tradeshow.


First and foremost, you should understand that quality is everything. Purchasing a lower quality stand may be cheaper, but it might come back to haunt you in the future. A low quality stand will be inefficient and could break or fall over, during the tradeshow. This would result in a massive embarrassment. Therefore, spending a little extra for a more durable stand is highly recommended. A better quality stand will prove to be exceptionally beneficial and better in all general areas, including sturdiness, durability and ease of use.

Ease Of Use

Next, you should examine the ease of use of your stand. Do you want to sit around for hours on end attempting to assembly your banner stand? This is simply too time consuming and in many cases, you will not have the time to spare. Therefore, opting for a stand, which can be setup and utilized within minutes is highly recommended.

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Easy Transportation

If you know anything about tradeshows, you will concur that the majority of them will not be held, within close vicinity to your business. Instead, you will find yourself needing to travel, if you wish to attend these shows. In order to make the process a little easier, you will want to select a stand, which can be taken down quickly and transported easily. Signworld offers a free travel bag with each of these stands. This addition helps to guarantee that you’ll be able to transport your stand from one location to the next, without much difficulty.


Now, you should understand the importance of finding a re-usable stand. In all likelihood, you plan on attending more than one single tradeshow this year. With this in mind, you will benefit exponentially, if you’re able to use the same banner stand each time. This will help you save a bit of money and will also eliminate the need to proceed through the ordering process once more. Opting for a re-usable stand for these purposes is highly recommended and will save you a headache in the future.

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Last, but certainly not least, you should consider the specific size of stand you desire and need. A bigger banner will undoubtedly help to attract an increased amount of attention. Of course, you should know how much space would be allotted to you at the tradeshow. Use the space to your advantage, but don’t create conflict, by hogging too much.


At the end of the day, there are numerous characteristics to explore, when purchasing a stand for your tradeshow banner. These have been explored in greater depth above. Be sure to angle your decision towards your needs and desires, so you get the best stand for your money.

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